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    How can you increase SEO for a space?


      Hi Jive,


      I have a space that I want to increase the SEO visibility of...Would like for it to come up when searching different terms. Any way to tag a space? Is this an admin panel option?  Would adding terms in the description field in the admin panel do the trick?


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      Thank you!


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          Hi Frank,

          There are several additional features available with the 2016.2 release for Jive-X cloud customers surroundings SEO. This document provides additional details for it SEO - 2016.2 Deep Dive .



          In regards to tagging a space. This can be acheived by performing the following steps:

          1. Navigate to the space in question
          2. Click the manage drop down (you have to be the space's admin to do this) and choose Settings
          3. Click the blue "About" button
          4. A window should pop up with a field for tags

          Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 8.02.39 AM.png

          Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 8.02.47 AM.png


          Hope this helps.