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    Reference HTML widget/tile code in several places, at once

    Jordan Dayton

      We have an Image Rotator that we leverage on the landing page of a few spaces in our Jive-x Cloud community.  Currently we are leveraging HTML widgets to display this rotating banner, in three places. We may be adding it to a fourth space, as well.


      Each week we update this image rotator and I have to visit all three locations to update the code. I would love it if we could place our html code for the widget somewhere else and have all three html widgets referencing the code in a single location.


      Is this possible? If so, how can we do this?


      The update's we make each week are very simple... change the links below (in red)

      <div id="imgs">


      <div class="promoBox" style="display: block;"><a href="http://j.mp/CanvasLIVE" target="_top" class="place-holder"><img class="fullWidth" src="https://community.canvaslms.com/resources/statics/4443/2016-08-18_NEW_CanvasLIVE.gif?a=1471514559025"></a></div>

      <div class="promoBox" style="display: block;"><a href="http://j.mp/Canvas_ParentApp" target="_top" class="place-holder"><img class="fullWidth" src="https://community.canvaslms.com/resources/statics/4443/2016-08-12_parent_app.png"></a></div>

      <div class="promoBox" style="display: block;"><a href="http://j.mp/Canvas_InstconHighlightReel" target="_top" class="place-holder"><img class="fullWidth" src="https://community.canvaslms.com/resources/statics/4443/2016-08-12_instcon_highlight_reel.png?a=1470965972486"></a></div>