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    Email Alerts: Is it possible to get email alerts for documents/discussions you create?


      I have a Jive space set up that is helping me and a small team of others collaborate on news items.  Essentially I have automated a bunch of web email alerts I get from various sites to autoforward from my email inbox directly to the Jive space with each email being turned into a document thanks to the "create content by email" function.  Works flawlessly.  People are loving it.


      Here is the hitch, I want to get a Jive email alert every time a piece of content is created in that space.  Following the space shoots me a Jive email alert every time someone else creates a piece of content, but since my automated web alert email forwards make-up 90% of the content, I'm getting no Jive email alerts for things I myself create (or rather are created by email address).  I know it sounds crazy since I'm already getting the email when the web alerts come in, but I auto-archive those and I need to see a Jive alert since part of the magic is some auto-tagging that is happening and I want to experience what the rest of my team is seeing.


      Is there a way to configure email notifications in Jive to send you an email alert for content you yourself create?  I know the risk here is essentially I then get an email alert for every discussion, document, idea, and response I participate in, but in this scenario I'm willing to deal with a bloated inbox.


      Thanks in advance for any help here.




      P.S. We're using Jive SBS