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    How do I set multiple global moderators?


      I would like to set my community up with multiple global moderators so that when I'm on vacation, there is still someone who can approve documents when needed. I don't want these additional moderators to be a level below me in the moderation chain because then the document still comes to my queue.  I think that I have changed the System Administration Permissions for the two people, but for some reason our test documents still funnel to me after they approve.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm on Cloud.



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          Hi Krista,


          Reviewing through your description, you should be able to set multiple moderators via your instance's admin console >> permissions page. However, I always find the following section of documentation helpful in determining Who Moderates What?


          However, if you are seeing a different behavior than what is outlined there I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community as a next step so that a member of our support team can investigate directly in your instance. When doing so if you could also provide the following information, it should assist with their investigation:


          1. An example of the content you are wanting the user to moderate

          2. The username of an account you are wanting to set up as a moderator of the content linked in #1