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    Can't access Rewards console (SSO? Domain forwarding?)


      1.) I'm logged in on https://hilfe-uat.o2online.de/ as ad Admin.

      2.) I click on "Belohnungskonsole" (Rewards console) (Link-URL: https://telefonica-preview.jiveon.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=a8o73dv9n8gud90am19rdcq2yyer7y0i.i&response_type=code&s… )

      3.) It forwards to https://hilfe-uat.o2online.de/oauth2/authorize?client_id=a8o73dv9n8gud90am19rdcq2yyer7y0i.i&response_type=code&state=17c…

      4.) I get the message "Offenbar möchte extension.name auf Ihr Jive-Konto zugreifen." and I click "Erlauben" (Accept)

      5.) The URL Manage Rewards opens ("Invalid tenant")

      6.) I type "https://hilfe-uat.o2online.de/" and get a message "Tenant https://hilfe-uat.o2online.de doesn't exist"

      7.) I type "https://telefonica-preview.jiveon.com/ " I am sent back to 3.)

      8.) Rinse and repeat


      My guess is the SSO or Domain forwarding causes an issue that prevents me from accessing the Rewards console.


      FYI: I don't have any issues accessing the Rewards console of our other environment Willkommen | Hilfe