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    Embed a viewer into iframe html widget


      I am trying to embed a url  like this Web Viewer  into an iframe in an html widget. this url is basically a viewer for interactive adobe pdf files build by dps.


      <iframe src="https://viewer.aemmobile.adobe.com/index.html#/some/something/Intro"&embedded=true" height="630" width="840" overflow:hidden;></iframe>

      Before even publishing the widget the page just redirects me to that url and i can't even get back to removing the widget. Only thing i could do now is to delete the place and retry. I wanted to see if the embedding of such viewer url with has some interactivity supported. would appreciate any ideas on how to embed it


      I tried to sandbox it but seeing this error

      9-29-2016 2-13-09 PM.jpg


      If I set that top-navigation attribute the url is taking over the entire window and not staying inside the iframe. Does the application or url need to be built to support being embedded in the iframe? i tried embedding cnn.com and its working fine


      Scott A Johnson