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    Certain resources not available in REST responses


      Hi Jive support team,


      recently I have a situation, in which certain resources are not available in the REST responses as usual.


      1. In a content entity, the ref URL of the html resource is just empty.

      2. In some person entities, there is no securityGroups resource at all.


      Although I cannot find any documentation saying these resources are optional, but by far (before I saw these two issues) I did not encounter missing resources. I would need explanation about how these two resources are missing and if this is normal. If not, what do they imply?


      PS: the system is a Jive cloud.


      Thanks in advanced!


        • Re: Certain resources not available in REST responses

          Hi Weixiang,

          Are there any differences in the way the content was created? For example, was one through the Jive UI whereas the content that has missing elements created through the API or a different method?


          I have seen various results based on the method in which a user or item was created. To help support continue to look into specific examples you are seeing in  your community, I would recommend creating a case in your private support group. In the case, if you could provide an example of a piece of content for the impacted items as well as an example on a non-impacted item. This will allow for support to further review your specific site and proceed accordingly.


          If you are not a member of your support group, your Community Manager should be able to open the case for you or invite you to your private support group so that you can create a case.


          Hope this helps.