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    Activity tile instance not registered?


      I'm trying to create an external activity stream based on the tutorial for Getting Started > Creating an External Activity Stream  on an on-prem Jive 8.0.4.


      I've added my add-on and set up the group activity page with the activity stream integration (being sure to configure and save), but my datapusher.js can't seem to find any instances of the stream. If I add a console.log(instances) to jive.extstreams.findByDefinitionName's callback function(instances) in datapusher.js' exports.task, I see that the value is [].


      I don't have any special code in app.js or backend\routes, just the usual autowiring and the usual configure/get.js route. I've confirmed that I'm looking for the same definition name that I've set in the tile's definition.json. The server hosting the add-on is reachable, since the configuration page loads. My server logs show:

      • Scheduled task: registration immediate
      • register (uuid) (data)
      • findCredentials (uuid)
      • POST /registration (data)
      • ... and then the console.log from my scheduled task.


      The registration repeats itself, as does my scheduled task.


      I also tried it with just the basic jive-sdk sampleactivity-stream, too. After the configuration step for that one, I get "Fetching data: Connecting to external service. Data will be populated momentarily."

      How do I start troubleshooting this?