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    Is there a working Salesforce Integration available ?




      is there currently any working Salesforce Integration ? I found this: StrongView Integrates Jive and Salesforce to Power It's Customer Community | Case Study


      Is this available and working ? Or do we have to create an integration ourselves, from scratch ?



      Kind regards

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          Hi Christopher,

          Jive does offer a Customer Service CRM integration add-on that integrates with salesforce. There is a cost associated with it, but if this is something you are interested in, I would recommend reaching out to your Account Manager to further assist. Or if you are uncertain who your Account Manager is, you can reach out to our Sales team Contact | Jive Software  to provide additional details.


          Hope this helps.

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              Jonathan Block

              One caution, based on our experience:  The Jive-provided Salesforce add-on, at extra cost, is good at a particular type of integration:  Bringing details and discussion of a single ongoing opportunity at a time into a Jive place where you can collaborate on it there instead of in Salesforce (with some data sync between the two systems).  It's a useful sales tool where each opportunity is pursued for a long time, and you don't have many of them to set up on a regular basis...and you want the opportunity collaboration to be mostly within Jive.  It's not well-suited to an organization that creates dozens of opportunities per week without much interaction on the actual opportunity record.  It does not handle things like providing a list view, standalone detail view or search interface to look at opportunities from a global perspective.  Our needs were more the latter than the former, but that feature gap was not made clear when we bought in to the add-on.  I doubt we'll renew it.  Instead, we're spending a lot on a custom interface designed with a consultant.


              There may be more to the Salesforce add-on than the opportunity part that I described, but none of it was what we needed.  Your mileage may vary.

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