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    How to change language of jive cloud instance

      I have tried following ways to change the locale settings :


      Changing the locale and language in "Admin ConsoleSystemSettingsLocale" , but the change was not seen. After searching found one post which mentioned "Locale inheritance rule" as follows :

      Locale Inheritance Rules

      As a community administrator, be aware that when you modify locale settings for the application (global) or a space, the user may have also set their own locale preferences, which will take precedence. Here is the locale precedence hierarchy, with the first given the highest precedence:

      1. Locale set by the user in their Preferences.
      2. Locale set in the user's Web browser. (For example, a browser set to English will override global settings you make for another locale).
      3. Locale set at the space level (in Admin ConsoleSpacesSettingsSpace Settings). See Setting Space Name, Locale, and Allowed Content Types.
      4. Locale set at the root space (global) level (Admin ConsoleSystemSettingsLocale).


      Does preferences in #1 is locale set in web browser? If not what is it?


      I tried changing locale of web browser but language of cloud instance was not changed?


      How can I achieve changing the language of overall site?