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    Hover Cards no longer show points, nor the beloved "Me in Three". Status?

    Jordan Dayton

      Monosnap 2016-09-29 16-26-34.pngBack on February 5, 2016 this doc was posted: Known & Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3)


      We use points and badges as a huge incentive for our members to engage with others and contribute to the community. The value of a badge comes in being able to show it off for others to see! This is why people frame certificates, hang medals, and put trophies in a display case or on a shelf. "Look at me and what I've accomplished!" Same thing with points. These points show the level of commitment and reputation of a person in our community. The points and badges add credibility to every comment or contribution that one of our star members makes.


      The hover cards used to let people show off their best badges aka "Me in Three", their accolades, their rewards for being great! And the hover card also used to show the points of the members name you are hovering over. For many months now, this has been broken and all you do is see some basic information about the user. No accolades and no points, but instead a blank space (indicated in red, on the right ➞)


      I've sat back thinking this would be something that is quickly fixed, but these issues seem to remain outstanding...


      ActivityActivity: Gamification (NOT JIVE REWARDS)JIVE-62447S2Me in 3 does not display as badges on hover card
      ActivityActivity: Gamification (NOT JIVE REWARDS)JIVE-68053S2Gamification (Bunchball) no longer displays points and level in hovercard


      Can we expect a fix on these or is the plan to abandon these features that we used to love?

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          Hi Jordan,


          Looking through the notes for both bugs listed above here are their current statuses


          JIVE-62447 - Listed as resolved starting in the 8.0.4 release, however this feature is not currently planned for the Jive Cloud platform

          JIVE-68053 - Presently in an open/unresolved status so no additional details are available for this issue


          If you would like to track either of these issues and receive updates on their current status please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community and a member of our support team can assist in linking them to your instance for tracking.



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              Jordan Dayton

              Hey Jesse - thanks for the reply!


              I'm happy to report that working with Jive support, through our customer group, I was able to get the POINTS, LEVEL, and ME IN THREE restored to our hover cards for our Jive-x cloud instance!  It's not perfect, but it's better than a big blank space, for now.


              Here's how...


              I received the following response from Tim Carpenter from an internal Jive support ticket.


              Note: if you are like us, on Jive-x Cloud, this is a system property that Tim had to modify for us. Also note that the 3 badges below are not scaling properly. I mentioned this to Tim and he replied with the following: "I've replicated the issue whereby the Me in Three icons are appearing slightly mis-scaled and referred this to our Engineering team under reference CLOUD-1979 for follow-up."



              From my investigations, I understand that whilst Hover Cards do not support Bunchball Advanced Gamification, we are now able to offer near-visual parity by disabling Hover Cards and disabling the following system property:


              mitui.path.people_hovercard = /profile-short*

              {"enabled":"false", "fragment":"true"}


              With Bunchball enabled, this property will have the following affect:


              Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 13.27.38.png


              Are you happy for me to make this configuration change and confirm if this provides you the visual solution you're looking for?