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    Master Calendar/Shared Calendar Tool?


      I have received multiple asks from my colleagues if there's a way to pull together a calendar of all events going on in the Community, preferably onto the main page. They come from different departments with different audiences, but there is a demand from our customers to have an overview of all our events/webinars/opportunities, not just those specific to the group they follow. I think that makes total sense, it's fragmented to have to visit every group to find opportunities.


      Has anyone discovered a 3rd party tool or way to pull in all the events into one view? It seems like if not a core feature, we could easily pull in a Google calendar. My issue with pulling in a 3rd party calendar, this would push people away from creating events in Jive. If we're talking dream scenarios, I'd love to integrate with Eloqua, where our marketing teams are currently creating events.