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    HTML Form Method Post Help


      Hello - I am using a form method = post successfully within a sub-space and attempted to use the same widget in a secret group.  The secret group is stripping out the form method post and is preventing the button from executing properly.


      Were is the example code:


      <form method="post" target="_blank"  action="https://site.url">

                <p><input type="text" name="_58_login" value="" placeholder="Username or Email"></p>

                <p><input type="password" name="_58_password" value="" placeholder="Password"></p>


                <p class="submit"><input type="submit" name="commit" value="Login"></p>




      Any idea why the secret group will not allow the form method post code to save?  Where in the community spaces I tested it's working fine. I assumed permissions between the secret groups and spaces but figured I'd ask.