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    Best Practice - Do you review Discussions?

    Toby Metcalf

      Good day everyone,

      I keep many metrics for my community and understand the difference between discussions vs questions: if the discussion is not marked as a question, there is not the opportunity to mark an answer as correct; thus, answers / solutions are are harder to find.

      Does anyone review discussion threads to see discussions that should be marked as questions and change them?

      Have you / do you take the time to review discussion threads see which ones should be questions and change them?  Over the last year the difference between discussions questions in my community is 552: I see that number as a place for knowledge to be lost.  Yes, there can still be the exchange of information, but looking at answers as a knowledge base, there is a potential for solutions to be lost?

      Anyone see it that way?



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      Best & Thank you,


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          Jill Ross

          In our community, discussions are always marked as questions by default, so we spend more time unmarking discussions as questions vs. the other way around. Just wondering if you have the same setting? Or are your discussions not marked as questions by default? I could see where you would need to pay closer attention to discussions if they were not marked as questions out of the gate.


          In my experience, I've found that it's rare for people to take the extra step to unmark a discussion as a question, so we don't pay much attention to discussions other than overall engagement metrics.

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