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    Sharing Web Services across Tiles


      If I needed a webservice to lookup and shape some data for users and wanted to use it in multiple tiles where is the best place that service should live? As an app or service? What would be the url I should use in the tile to access a service living by it's self or app?

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          A middleware service that you stand up can access our Jive REST API v3.14. This middleware can provision itself to be reachable by any Tiles/Apps of your choosing. When you have multiple integrations in one add-on package that's installed into your instance, they have access to each other's Prop's (1 Tiles/Apps per 1 add-on is not able to read another's data). You can store data as a system prop and read them via our REST API or even through the Open Social methods: Jive JavaScript API v3.14 .


          Does that kind of answer your question?