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    Quota on document creation


      Is there a way to set quota on how many documents a user can create in general or per day/week/month/year?

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          Hi Tihomir Plachkov,


          Reviewing through your description, the message interceptor might meet the functionality you are looking for. For more information on this, check out - Configuring Interceptors


          This allows you to configure a posting limit on content, where a user will see a message similar to:

          Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 9.08.29 AM.png

          if they exceed that rate.


          However, the feature of allowing a user X amount of posts is not currently available in the product. As such, if you are interested in this type of feature, I would recommend submitting an idea to the Ideas for Jive space where our product managers review through to rated ideas when considering features for future releases.