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    An error occurs when publishing files in Chrome/Firefox

    acalderong Novice

      Hello to all,


      I'm facing some problems when trying to upload one or more files in Chrome and Firefox.

      When I drag all my files to the page all seems to work properly but when I push "Publish" button an error box appears at the botton of the page.



      It works fine when using Internet Explorer 9, but it doesn't allow me to select or drag multiple files for uploading all at same time.


      Do you know a probably cause of this error? or How can I select multiple files in Internet Eplorer?


      Thank you

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          Hi Arturo Calderón,


          Reviewing through your description it appears you are running into an issue being tracked as CLOUD-1294. Looking through the bug's notes, this issue is presently in an open unresolved status, however there are a couple of workarounds available


          1). Drag and Drop 1 file. Publish.

          2). Use the "Click to Select Files"->Select Desired files. Publish


          Additionally, if you would like to track this issue and receive updates on its status, please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community and a member of our support team can associate your instance with the bug and provide you an update once the issue is resolved.



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