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    Jive Group Privacy Settings Issue


      Having just launched a brand new Jive community for our business, there are some instances where conversations need to be restricted to particular users. I successfully create a new 'Group' and updated the group settings to make it 'Private' and unlisted before inviting a select group of users into the group to begin discussions. Now here comes the issue; I've gone to post a status and then an idea to this private group only to find that the whole community can see these items in their feeds. As I understand this should NOT be happening as the group is private and invisible.

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          Hi Paul Van Wymeersch,


          Reviewing through your description that does not sound like the expected behavior of a private/secret group. In order to better investigate the behavior I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community as a next step so that a member of our support team can review through your specific instance. When submitting the case, if you can please include the following it should assist with their investigation:


          1. A link to the group where the behavior is occurring

          2. The username of a user who is able to view the content, but should not have access