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    Switch ownership of an Idea?


      We use Ideation for our customers (b2b - complex electronic design automation software). In frequent cases, our field engineers will submit an idea on behalf of a customer. After submitting the idea, we would like to re-assign ownership of the idea from our field engineer to the customer. I know that authors can be added, but not really what I need. I am looking for a way to re-assign from original submitter (our engineer) to a different community member (the customer).


      This has been requested of us on a number of occasions. I have pinged Jive support in the past and they were not able to offer a solution. Have just been asked again this morning, so thought I would see if any other Jive users have suggestions/other workarounds.



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          Bryce Gilhooly

          This is something that we looked into a while ago (for documents), and the problem I found was that the 'author' property is a read-only field (seems to be the case for all content types), so once the content is created, it forever lives under that user.


          I'm not sure if this is of any help (or still an option), but we were pointed to Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) FAQ - Archived because of publishing issues as an option.


          Would love to hear what others have done to combat this.



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              Bryce – Thanks for this info – and how appropriate a coupe weeks out from Halloween. ☺


              I had never heard about ghost blog/delegate access. While interesting, it unfortunately won’t apply in this case as it seems it is limited to blogs, discussions or docs. I’ve never run across the use case for these  content types, just for ideas.


              But the first part of your reply on the author prop being read only is helpful. While I can’t do anything about it since it is read only, at least I have some add’l insight.


              Thanks for the suggestion, tho. Am still hoping others may have some possible ideas (pun intended) they have used.