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    Please can we get the admin console 'Jive Release Blog' view updated?

    Stuart McIntyre

      On the Admin Console page of Jive Cloud instances, there is a view that lists the latest posts relating to releases:

      Sadly, as you can see from the above, this is now over a year out of date, which makes it look as though there have been no release updates in this time - obviously not true!


      Digging a little deeper, it seems as though this is due to this view pulling content from multiple sources using Yahoo Pipes:


      <title>Jive Product Releases</title>

      <description>Pipes Output</description>




      The Pipes service was sunset at the end of September 2015, with the output left as read-only - hence the no updates for a year in this view.


      Please could we get this fixed, as this view used to be incredibly useful for alerting Jive admins about upcoming changes.