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    Widgets to Tiles transfer


      I started my position as community manager for my company in June. I was told by the previous community manager that widgets are being phased out in favor of tiles. We use tiles on our pages but widgets still seem to be very popular with other users in our community. Is there an exact date when widgets will no longer be available? I want to give places admins as much warning as possible. Thank you!

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          Kara Francis

          I am just a fellow customer, but I have not heard any news from Jive that they are eliminating widgets.  (If I missed an announcement, please reply).  I presume that they will give us a lot of notice if/when they eliminate widgets entirely.  This isn't a simple feature to disable overnight.  Eliminating the feature within a community requires a lot of planning and change management, so I am guessing they will be thoughtful on their timing.


          Our main reasons for migrating away from the "overview page" and widgets sooner rather than later were:

          1. The Overview page and widgets are not web responsive, but tiles are
          2. We liked the ability to create multiple pages when enabling the "activity  + pages" option
          3. And then we have high hopes that tiles will catch up to widgets soon. so we wanted to get our new users onto the more long-term solution rather than adding more widget-based places that would later need to be migrated. 


          For all newly-created places we are strongly recommending they go with the tile approach.  For existing places, we are coaching them on how they could set up their existing place to be as close as possible to what they have with widgets.  In some cases they are willing to give up a certain feature and convert to Activity + pages.  But in some cases they are just going to stick with it until they absolutely have to switch over.  But we are at least trying to show them the options.

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            Dina Vekaria-Patel

            Hi Maggie & Kara


            Kara, we're doing exactly the same at Pearson. We're actively encouraging those on Overview to switch to Activity+Pages


            At JiveWorld this year, it was said that Jive are not looking to turn off overview pages for a few years at least. I would assume when that time comes, we will have plenty of notice.


            I recently asked Jive if we could "force" our colleagues to use Activity+Pages, so to not have Overview as an option when creating places. Apparently there is a system properties for widgets, if you set that to "False" it turns off Overview. But there is a downside to this:


            If we turn off overview pages in the system properties:


            1. We will no longer see the option to choose Overview as a layout option. Any layouts still using Overview will remain as they are.
            2. As we turned the system properties to "false", the "Advanced Options" is no longer available when you create a group, as both Overview and Activity+Overview will not be an option due to the "False" system property.
            3. Anyone with an overview page cannot change their layout to Activity+Pages as advanced options is no longer available. So they're basically stuck on Overview layout.


            I hope this answers your question Maggie.


            Actually, Libby, anyone we can engage with at Jive to see if we can change the behaviour of turning off the system property? So if and when we do "force" Overview off, the "Advanced Options" is still there for those still on Overview to switch on Activity+Pages (that will be the only layout option available under Advanced Options).