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    Embed a streaming video (Dacast) in Document using iframe or script?


      Is it possible (or are there any workarounds) to somehow embed a Dacast stream into a Document or Video?


      The code works fine in the HTML widget. However, it's a high priority that users are able to leave comments and discuss the streaming video on the same page. I think the only way this is possible would be to either:


      (1) use the Video type, except that Dacast is not supported, or

      (2) embed/iframe the video into a Document, except that the HTML is removed when the document is published


      Is there a way to make this work?


      Seems like one of the following would need to happen:


      (1) find a way to place the HTML widget prominently on a page where discussion can actively take place,

      (2) change the HTML filter to temporarily not strip out the iframe code.


      Any ideas or alternatives?

        • Re: Embed a streaming video (Dacast) in Document using iframe or script?

          Hi Aaron,


          Reviewing through your description, there are a couple of options available, however embedding iFrames into content is not an out of the box feature of the Jive platform, as this can increase the likelihood of content containing insecure links/pages. That being said, if you embed the code within an HTML widget which also contains a link to a document/discussion in your instance, users could then view the video and click on the link to discuss it.


          Additionally, if you are interested in developing a custom video solution for your instance our Professional Services team can assist in determining the scope of the product and work with you to develop a custom feature that meets your use case. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please either reach out to your account manager or submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community where a member of our support team can get an engagement started for you.