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    Latest Activity Time Display Cutoff


      Hi Jive Community!


      We are using Jive 8 and I can't find good answers around what governs when the login data shows in the People area within a Space and after what point in time, it gets left blank. I would guess if the user has logged in within the past seven days, that shows but over 7 days since last login, the  latest activity column gets left blank? Is this a correct assumption?


      This is for an invite-only externally facing community where we've configured spaces to act as Groups as a workaround so we can "assign membership." It's the People tab.



      Please excuse if this is a mis-post to the wrong place/it's my first post and I'd be delighted if it gets routed to the correct place! I did categorize as an HR use case because having this information about what Jive is surfacing helps support my use case which is the users trying to "see who else is here, and how recently."