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    What learning or certification platform do you use in your communities?

    Libby Taylor Expert

      Hey everyone,


      Looking for your expertise in how you deliver learning materials or training in your communities? I know there are a lot of ways to provide training, so I'm curious what others have done.





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          Amy Castillo Novice

          Libby -


          At Trinity Health, our Talent Development (learning) team is using Jive for informal learning for many of our internal and external clients.  Our clinical teams (especially our docs) are flocking to our Jive communities that we have built for learning. We are building learning communities where SMEs curate content to share with their teams (gmeUniversity), we have a Jive community that supports a monthly learning conference for clinical leaders across our system, and we just launched a set of externally accessible communities for our teams that work out in the community (not employed) for Integrated Care Coordination.


          We also just starting piloting a community for our New Manager Curriculum. For the most part, we are using Jive discussions, blogs, interactive videos, and other tools to bring in to our Jive community to push the learning. We are still trying to find more effective ways to enable and track learning within Jive.


          We have multiple groups as well that are "support" sites for our common products - MS Office for example.


          We are exciting to start using for onboarding and in more formal ways - and we are hoping Jive will run a learning track this year at Jive World so we can all learn from each other.


          Thoughts from the rest of our learning team???