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    Template not applying on Homepage


      One of our Jive users have created a template but once applied it isn't adding the home page. Can you please help and let us know how they can change the settings for this to work.


      Praneesha Gaddam
      Marketo Inc.

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          Hi Praneesha,


          Reviewing through your description, you might be seeing the expected behavior. For clarification, templates should be present within groups/spaces, utilizing one of the activity views,

          Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.14.28 PM.png

          Additionally, you might find the following documentation helpful: Core Help - Creating a new place template


          That being said, if you are missing this functionality within groups/spaces which have the activity/page structure enabled I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community as a next step so that a member of our support team can perform additional investigations into your specific instance.