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    Is it possible to integrate the Jive events calendar with a user's google calendar?

    mbriedenhann Novice

      My colleague has reached limitations with google calendar, where she no longer gets visibility on responses due to google groups containing large numbers of users.  This is very frustrating as she is unable to accurately provision for the event if she does not have a clear number of attendees.  Embedding google calendar in Jive is not an option due to this issue.


      Ideally we would like to be able to manage events through Jive, users will have their preferences set in Jive to receive email notifications which would then allow them to add the event to their google calendar.  If the event is updated in Jive, a further email is sent which can be clicked to update the google calendar.

      Also, the jive event has no limit to the number of invited attendees and the event organiser has complete visibility of all responses.