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    News streams not pushing out to new people in the community

    Keeley Sorokti

      I have set up a news streams that push out to all people in a particular Business Function (profile field filter).


      I was training all of our new Sales people today and after extolling the virtues of checking Jive Daily news streams, learned that most of the people in the room did not have the Sales stream appearing either in Jive Daily or in their computer web browser.


      When I go into Edit mode on the news stream, it shows that there are 649 people who should get the stream. There are actually 664 people who should get the stream (if I go into People search and filter by the same profile field). New people have registered since I set up the stream. It looks like streams are not updating when new people join the community. 


      I confirmed this by deleting the profile filter in the stream and then selecting it again and the number of people increases to 664 after editing and saving.


      This is a big problem. I can't believe that I should have to update my news streams every week to account for new people joining the community.


      My adoption strategy has as a core component reviewing news streams to get your daily company news and I'm depending on news streams being pushed out to people dynamically.


      Ted Hopton - have you encountered this problem?


      cc: Mary Garwood  emixon

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