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    email visibility for admins


      Hi -- we are trying to connect user accounts between jive and one of our other systems.  The best common ID we have between the two system is the user's email address.


      I found an API query that would let me do this neatly, something like:




      And it works, but only if the email address of the user being queried is set to public.  This made sense from a permission standpoint, so we started granting extra permissions to the account making the API call.


      However, what we ran into was that even with full system administration permission, we couldn't see all user email addresses.  Now the actual system administrators personal account can see them, but even if we put another user in the exact same groups/roles with exactly the same permissions, that other user can't see the email addresses.


      Does anyone know where the permission is that controls email override visibility?  I assume it has to be hiding somewhere outside of the normal permission system, but we spent an hour clicking around the admin screens and couldn't find any additional permissions we could grant to this other user... just about ready to give up trying to integrate the systems.