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    searching with multiple keywords is not relevant




      searching with multiple keywords gives surprising answers not very relevant.


      for instance, we would like occurencies with searching "kbis M6 web",

      and it gives none responses.

      But if we search "kbis* M6* web*" , we do have answers.


      it that normal to append the "*"  after each keyword to get a better performance ?



        • Re: searching with multiple keywords is not relevant

          Hi Seng,

          If not all of the content is being returned in search you might consider rebuilding the search index to ensure the content is all index.

          In regards to how search works: Spotlight search, the wildcard character * matches any number of non-whitespace characters when it is placed at the end of a word or within a word in the query. More details on search can be see in this document: https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-169532#search_tips


          If you are using cloud search this document provides additional details About Cloud Search whereas if you are using on Prem search this document is helpful About On-Premise Search


          Having said this, spotlight search should automatically append the wildcard character so if this is not the behavior you are seeing, i would recommend creating a private support case so that support can further review your site and look at logs to see if there are any errors in search.


          Hope this helps.