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    How to get author of the thread/object from eae/common.soy - Jive 8


      Hello Fellow Developers


      I am trying to hide the Mark "Helpful" option from Inbox page for the users who are not author of the thread. (so that only authors can mark any response to threads helpful from inbox page)


      I tried to customize soy/eae/common.soy with following code:

      but here "object.parentAuthor.id"  doesn't seem to be right source where i can get the threads author. object.parentAuthor.id is pointing to author of the previous reply .



      {if $object.helpfulAcclaim and $object.helpfulAcclaim.enabled}

        {if $object.parentAuthor.id == $user.id}  <<<<< Added this if check

             {sp}<span class="j-bullet">&#8226;</span>{sp}

              {call jive.outcomes.helpful.displayHelpfulAction}

                  {param currentlyHelpful : $object.helpfulAcclaim.applied /}

                  {param currentlyUnhelpful : $object.unhelpfulAcclaim and $object.unhelpfulAcclaim.applied /}

                  {param unhelpfulEnabled : $object.unhelpfulAcclaim and $object.unhelpfulAcclaim.enabled /}

                  {param objectType : $objectType /}

                  {param objectId : $objectId /}

                  {param context : 'stream'/}

                  {param extraClasses : 'j-stream-outcome-helpful-container'/}





      Please advise.