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    increase time period for Recognition tile on profile page




      I'm trying to change the starting date that determines how far back the recognition tile goes. I would like to see more messages marked Helpful.


      In ProfileActivityActionHelper (under com.jivesoftware.community.eae.action), I've change the date to 730 - roughly two years.



        public List<ActivityContainer> getRecognition(long userID, User viewingUser, int numRecognition, int maxOutcomes) {

             // Date twoWeeksAgo = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis() - TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis(14));


      The TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis() was changed to pass in 730.


      I see the timesince get passed correctly to ActivityManagerImpl getActivitySince and getActivitySinceButRequire(),  but older Helpful marked messages are not being returned.


      I've cleared cache and rebuilt my browse index.


      Anything I'm missing?



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          It looks like there's a need to change the length of the streams that are built. I see in eae logs:


          INFO [] com.jivesoftware.eae.service.impl.RebuildManagerImpl - End of rebuild because we've passed the 180 day limit for content


          What I'm doing now and looks promising:

          1) I've change the property in the eae json. There's a property that I changed from 180 to 730. I can probably do 365 after testing.


          "streams-default-period-days" : 730,


          2) Removed current eae var/data


          3. restart EAE.


          It's currently building and I have a few more items in my profile than before.