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    Is the config_url response always cached?

    Scott A Johnson

      I have been setting up a config_url to setup initial configuration such as licenses and account information for an add-on. I have found that the config_url is only ever called once. I would like to load with current configuration data, which is stored on the middleware server. I was attempting to do this by passing in that data as render parameters to my configuration.html template, then saving back using an API call.


      The reason for this would be to try to prevent exposing a get endpoint for this sensitive data, thus reducing a little risk.


      What I'm seeing is that the page gets loaded once, then a cached version of it is displayed each subsequent time, making the render parameters unused.


      Is there a way to force this request to the middleware every time? Also I've noticed that after save, the config_url is accessed multiple times, which seems odd.





      Ryan Rutan, Rashed Talukder