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    activityTime and timestamp fields not found when using &fields= parameter to query DES


      Hi all, I'm cross-posting this from https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-99916#comment-3181178 in case folks here may be able to help!


      I'm encountering an issue where the timeStamp nor activityTime fields are not populating / being recognised. I'm using the following URL + params in a curl request (bold the fields causing me issues):


      Which gives me an error:

      Invalid field header specified: "activityTime.date" The field either does not exist or may not exist within the time range specified.

      The same goes for all the following fields:

      • activityTime.timestamp
      • activityTime.date
      • activityTime.time
      • timestamp.timestamp
      • timestamp.date
      • timestamp.time


      However when running the curl request without the "fields=" parameter or simply dropping the date/time fields, the request is processed correctly, although the activityTime fields are empty.


      Which fields should I be using for the activity time/date, why would activityTime be empty, and any ideas why I'm getting the error!?


      If anyone cast any light on this for me I'd be greatly appreciative!!