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    what is the url of nodejs post register to jive server?


      i want to post a register to jive server, but i don't know to post which url for https://community.jivesoftware.com

      Registration Payload

      Sent as a HTTP POST to the URL listed in the optional "register_url" field in the meta.json file. Example below:



      1. {   
      2.     "clientId": "lh64648h4mwdnucakt52fe08dpnw8u41.i",   
      3.     "code": "8r2a8cxwifo4du7rahq0kppqd5xwemmc.c",   
      4.     "scope": "uri:/api",   
      5.     "tenantId": "bb6360f5-e633-4dcc-bfb4-b357459bf94e-dev",   
      6.     "jiveSignatureURL": "https://market.apps.jivesoftware.com/appsmarket/services/rest/jive/instance/validation/2193ba06-170f-4b81-b9eb-de69073603f8",   
      7.     "clientSecret": "8rpn9srrgv9p42gs4bykkcd51o6vuh0q.s",   
      8.     "jiveSignature": "suKgMCkNJ4n5g4zcNNxdKS7LdnvaMeLdbpWvE40Jc+E=",   
      9.     "jiveUrl": "https://community.jivesoftware.com",   
      10.     "timestamp": "2015-05-28T20:35:38.358+0000"   

      i don't know how to get the tenantId,jiveSignature,jiveSignatureURL and code, i hope somebody can give me a hint, thank you.