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    Should we use mark as UNhelpful?

    Adam Arrowsmith

      We launched our external community with marking-as-UNhelpful disabled (we have Helpful enabled). I am evaluating enabling UNhelpful acclaims with the intent 1) identify KB documents that should be improved and 2) "down-vote" incorrect question replies (we have a more technical forum).


      Of course ideally when someone marks something as Unhelpful, it would be great to provide an opportunity for them to say why for context.


      I'm curious to know others' experiences with unhelpful and if they've found it "helpful" or not , for discussions, documents, etc.


      I'm also wondering how I would find/report on the documents marked as unhelpful so we could go through the "to do list" and make improvements...?


      Discussions I've researched:

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          We have this ability turned on, so members can mark Docs as Helpful or Not Helpful. I haven't seen much use thus far, but I just did a promotion to encourage members to use the options. I'll let you know how it goes! We have quite a bit of old content, so I'd love some help being notified of what needs updating.


          I'd honestly like to use the "mark as outdated" but I don't want to give the full community permission to mark as official, which seems to come with that permission!