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    New Bunchball Console Question - Segments

    kristamahler Beginner


      I have a question about the new Bunchball Console functionality.  When creating a new mission and following the new 4 step process, one of the steps is "Who" and in that section there is a part called segments. I had no built in segments, and I'm clear how segments are determined.  I know it shows examples such as "sales" or "marketing" but how are these segments determined?  Is it by permissioned sections in the Jive Admin Console?  Or are they determined by a profile field?  I can't find any documentation in Jive or Nitro.  Anyone that uses Advanced gamificaiton have any intel into this portion of the gamification?




      Here is a visual of what I'm looking at?  I tried creating a segment, but I have no idea if it is correct and I don't see a way to edit or delete segments either.


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          kristamahler Beginner

          Also, here is a follow up question. I found a tiny bit of info about this in the Nitro Console, but it still doesn't answer my question.  What does the highlighted section below mean?  Who is my developer and how do they send the data for the segment t mission builder?  I don't know what a "user preference" means. 

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              umillm6 Jive SME

              I wondered about this, too, Krista.  Sanford, can you help?

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                  Sanford Ross Novice

                  User preferences are attributes (can be anything: region, department, favorite movie, ...) associated to each user. User preferences are used to further segment missions,


                  They have to get entered to Bunchball somehow, because currently Jive does not pass any by default (something we'd like in the future, though). This is where the "developer" reference comes in, because you need a one-time or regular custom program to pass data in, and keep it current over time. Using the user.setPreference API, this data is typically synchronized from a system of record (database, HR app, etc) in your environment to Bunchball.


                  Once these user preferences are inserted, they become available in the "who" tab under the Mission builder where you can use it to further limit target audience of a particular Mission. In the same way that prerequisite levels or missions can be used, only users meeting those qualifications will see the mission.


                  I can get you additional information on this if you are interested, but typically it will be a custom services engagement and not out-of-box usage to set up segments.


                  Hope this helps,