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    Move a discussion from one space to another (JIVE/REST API)




      I'm trying to move a discussion from one space to another using the JIVE REST API from C#.


      I've tried issuing a PUT request (with relevant information, i.e. updated subject, content, and parent) to /contents/{contentID} but it always results in a "403: Forbidden" error despite having full administer permissions.

      I have also tried sending a full-body raw request of the page with only parent changed, also resulting in a "403: Forbidden".


      Taking a step away from the code and looking at the XMLHttpRequests, it appears clicking the move option on the JIVE dashboard triggers a PUT request of:

      > {"objectType":14,"objectID":"2033","notifyStreams":false}

      > on resource: https://{our jive location}.com/__services/v2/rest/content/1/1665 *


      I've tried sending a duplicate request, both in code, and using curl and the resulting error is: "4026: The request could not be validated as originating from within the SBS application"


      N.B. I did include appropriate 'application/json' fields for the Content-Type and Accept headers. I even tried using the exact RequestHeaders I extracted from sending the request using the JIVE dashboard move operation.

      * Same error occurs when attempting to use both the v2, and v3 Core API


      Please advise.



      https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/ContentService.html#updateContent(String, String, String, boolean, String, boolean)



      Alfie J.