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    Sanity check for external recent updates feed


      Hi all,


      First time developing with Jive API and just wanted to make sure that I'm not doing anything silly.


      I'm looking to develop an external feed for users so that they can preview the 6 most recent updates to:

      1. Top & Trending news
      2. any discussion that the user has started
      3. any discussion that the user has commented on in the past


      Reading through the API documentation it appears that the Top & Trending news can be obtained using the API call: https://domain/api/core/v3/people/@me/@news

      It looks like I just need to authenticate the user, call this API and then transform the data into something more aesthetically pleasing.


      I'm not sure but it looks like updates for type 2 & 3 should also be detected by this API.

      Could anyone let me know if they have done anything similar or is I'm making any silly assumptions?