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    What are the drivers of implementation effort for a use case

    Bert Vries

      Drivers of the implementation effort of a Jive Use Case

      What are the most important factors which drive the needed implementation effort of a specific use case?I was thinking of f.e.:

      • # of members of the community of practice
      • # of supported languages 
      • Type of use case



      An implementation of social enabled Global Account Management program for the top 50 global key accounts takes more effort than implementing a group to support a project team. In the case of the global key account management program there was a central group for the people driving the global account management program, a group for the ESN champions (these were 50 people acting as the Yammer SME within each key accout team) and 50 groups for each key account.


      So the # of groups was a major driver of the implementation effort.  Love to hear other drivers of implementation effort for Jive use cases