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    Creating a challenge looks like a challenge now!

    chitra.hl Novice

      Launch of new nitro console one way  makes me happy by seeing the UI.It looks good, but the system has become complicated than earlier console.

      While creating a challenge/Mission there are many things new in the nitro console.





      This seems to be new for me!What is send call back?How does it help for admins?

      Action phrase,Tags,Icon Url ?I dont remember we were entering all this details before.



      In Who section there are options as Segments,Missions,levels?

      Can anyone help me with all this?




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          Sanford Ross Novice

          The majority of these attributes are applicable only if you are expanding the use of the Bunchball platform (beyond default Jive AGM setup) to use it's API, and to integrate custom applications or other systems.


          Send callback: tells Bunchball to send an API call to another system upon the completion of each mission

          Action phrase and tags would provide additional context to this completed mission, such as a notification message catered to this particular Mission, and capturing the Jive space in which a document was posted

          Icon URL would allow for you to associate an image or other URL link with this mission


          But again these would all only be applicable to you as an admin if you are consuming our API directly, say from a Mobile app or integrating with another environment outside of Jive.


          The Who section of the Missions editor can narrow down the target audience of that Mission by:

          Mission: making the mission a prerequisite of another

          Level: making the mission only available to a user of that level or above

          Segment: making the mission only available to users with a certain preference in their profile (requires use of the Bunchball API, so this is not as common to do by Jive AGM admins)


          We have placed a lot more information in this document if you want to delve more into learning the new platform: Update Notification : Advanced Gamification Admin Console update/downtime