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    Error occurs when uploading a jpg file




      Im facing a problem in the Jive Cloud version... When I'm uploading a 600kb JPG file occurs an error that indicates that my file is too large. This is new because before I have uploaded large images like 10mb without problem.

      I have searched this error in the Known Issues November 4, 2016 but not found

      (ref https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-186610#jive_content_id_Known_Issues_November_4_2016 )


      Does anyone have experienced this error?



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          Hi Arturo Calderón,


          Reviewing through your description I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community as a next step so that a member of our support team can perform further investigations specific to your instance. When submitting the case if you could provide a copy of the file you are seeing the behavior with it should assist them in their testing.



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