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    Alerts on jive page at specific locations


      Hi All,


      I am trying to create dynamic pop-up/call out at specific location on jive(sandbox).

      I am able to show a pop-up on page load.But how to implement call outs for specific locations on jive screen(sandbox)?



      I tried to get the  value of the class name of particular field of jive page.


      gadgets.util.registerOnLoadHandler(function () { 


                          // Log whenever this code starts 

                          console.log('Label for spaces--'+$('.j-508-label').value());

                          console.log('html--'+$('.j-508-label').html('<h3>My space</h3>'));

                          // Get information about the selected page 

                         osapi.jive.core.container.getLaunchContext(function (selection) { 


      Console.log().value() returning 'Could not fire onloadhandler $(...).value is not a function' error message.                  



      Could you please suggest an appraoch.


      Thank you in advance.       


      Priyanka Bhawsar.