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    Unable to update to the latest version of jive


      Hello Support


      Am trying to push out the lates version of jive for office but it's not prompting user in office, even though I have ticked the automatic update tick box.  Any ideas?




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          Hi Dave Nunn,


          Reviewing through your description yu might be runnung into an issue being tracked as JENSO-8086, where the update to the 30.6 release fails. If so, as a workaround, you should be able to download the installation file directly from Jive for Office  to install the latest version of Jive for Office.


          Additionally, if you would like to track JENSO-8086 and recieve updates on its status, please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community and a member of our support team can assist in linking your instance to the issue for updates.




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              Hi Jesse,


              We are aware that we can download the latest add-in via the Apps link within our Jive community, but what we want to do is roll out the latest version to all of our users without having to download the new version manually on every PC. Previously we were able to get a message to appear saying 'update Jive for Office' so every user would then just need to click this and follow the steps to update their own add-ins:

              We had hoped that by switching our setting back to auto update this would appear but it does not seem to. How can we roll out the new version to all of our users?


              Also, please note, my colleague Christine Falconer actually logged this using my account and created it here rather than in our customer group as we have been unable to get her to access it - I have logged a case about that just now! Inviting people to our Jive support group I will log a support case now.