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    Invalid Source Video Error

    Ashley Mickel

      We are finding when vertical videos (shot with iOS10) and uploaded in a blog are not playing in Internet Explorer 11/Windows 7 and producing an "Invalid Source" error message. The video plays fine when uploaded as a video. The same video will play without error in Chrome, Firefox or in the IE11 browser (raw video, not through Jive instance). I have a case opened and a bug is being filed.


      I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue? If so, what the outcome, steps to resolve, etc.


      Thanks in advance!


      cc: Ty Raia

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          Yes, we opened a case about this issue last night. cc: Jo Ann Craig

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            IE has a restriction in Windows 7 only, that only allows IE to play up to 720p video. You can see this by opening a youtube video in IE in Windows 7, and notice it only allows you to select 720p as the highest resolution. Open that same youtube link in Chrome or Firefox, and you will see options for higher resolutions. The highest resolution our video provider encodes to is 720p, even if the source is higher resolution. If you were to upload that Portrait-recorded video as a standalone, it should play in IE no problem. This issue seems to be restricted to when that video is embedded in a Jive blog, document, or discussion. The Invalid Source is actually coming from IE's HTML5 media plugin, not from Jive or the video provider. I filed a bug for it yesterday, CLOUD-2738, because the only thing I can think of is that we add something when the video is embedded that tricks IE into thinking it is higher than 720p. Thus the Invalid(too big) Source(video) error. Ted Hopton let whoever has your case in Support know they can add the bug to your ticket.


            This issue should not occur in other browsers in Windows 7, and it also does not occur with IE in Windows 8.1 and 10. And it does not occur on a Mac at all. So it's very restricted to the IE/Windows 7 combo (IE 10 and 11 are affected). AND only when the source video was recorded in portrait mode, AND when you are presented with the 720p asset from our video provider. They encode all videos into 3 resolutions, 360p, 480p, and 720p. If you are viewing on a mobile device or slow bandwidth, the smaller video resource would be automatically delivered, and the issue wouldn't present itself. But, on a PC, through a browser, with likely a good internet connection, you will be served the 720p resource.



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