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    Does anyone have a cloud vs hosted comparison matrix?


      We are trying to determine the features and functionality of both as we evaluate what will be our pilot plan. Does anyone have something they can share or can point me in the direction of? Thanks so much!

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          Billy Volpone

          Hi Tamera Rousseau-Vesta... this is a great question, but often requires some additional context and categorization. Namely, whether we're talking about front end features, add-ons/connectors, and/or back end technical abilities and customization options (or lack thereof). Some of the obvious differences are how hosted allowed for extensive customizations but at the expensive of easy upgrades 3-4 times a year that allow you to stay on the latest and greatest. With clouds theming toolkit and custom tile abilities, much of the reasons to go/stay on hosted are changing with every release.


          If you want more of a full product list though, please feel free to direct message me and we can send one over to supply it within your support group.

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