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    How to use Vidyard's embed code.


      I am trying to embed our Vidyard player into a blog post/document on our Jive instance and it keeps removing the code after I publish the draft. How do I get the ability to keep the Vidyard embed code? Do I need to create a case? Below are two samples of the embed code.


      <script type="text/javascript" id="vidyard_embed_code_-DLBPfthylaYI5tMI78aTw" src="//play.vidyard.com/-DLBPfthylaYI5tMI78aTw.js?v=3.1.1&type=inline"></script>


      <iframe class="vidyard_iframe" src="//play.vidyard.com/-DLBPfthylaYI5tMI78aTw.html?v=3.1.1" width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allowfullscreen></iframe>