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    How to see what spaces a permission group is explicitly related to?

    Alex Nassi


      We have a permission group in our Jive-n Cloud community for "Team A" with 20 users. Organizationally, 5 members of this team have split out to be a new team, "Team B." So now, A will have 15 users and B will have 5. I want to update the Jive Permission Group to reflect this change. However, I want to make sure the Team B users have the same access as they initially had before the split.


      Is there any way to look at a Permission Group in Admin and find out which Space it is "related to"?


      Right now, it looks like my option is to review the Permissions on each space in the community to see if that Permission Group is defined.


      This is similar to Re: Is there any way to list places where 'All Registered Users' permission group has any permission granted? , but I feel like its a slightly different use case.




      cc: Matthew Violante