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    When is the Jive Daily update happening for 2016.3

    Stephanie Standring Expert

      I understand Jive Daily releases run a little bit different than the Cloud releases. Trying to get an understanding when the updates explained in the 2016.3 documentation are going to be happening. I understand some of there are already live now, but here is a snippet from the communication that I am questioning:

      This isn't an exhaustive list of everything that's gone into the last few Daily releases, but gives you a taste of what we've been working on. We've also got a few other things planned for the 2016.3 release, or soon thereafter, so stay tuned for more!

      I checked the Jive Daily Release Notes and nothing is posted there. I am also not able to add comments to either of these documents to ask this question, which is why I am posting in the support community. Thanks!