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    Is StreamOnce compatible with gmail filters?


      hey there,


      Recently we got a case on the gmail filters. One of our users want to move their conversations to jive, so they created a jive group, let's say the name "Delta", so the distribution list is delta@tw.com. Among their group, the gmail filter function is heavily used across the whole team, they send mail using address like "delta+abc@tw.com" and "delta+xyz@tw.com" etc., the mail is delivered right to every member of delta@tw.com, but all the mails sent with filters are not going to the stream on jive. Only when they use delta@tw.com as mail addressee can make it synced to jive.


      So here comes the question: is it possible (or maybe already realized) for StreamOnce to recognize the name with filter, for instance, "delta+xxx@tw.com" can be recognized as delta@tw.com, then post the mail content to jive?