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    Should I see @mentions of a space in DMs?

    Ciaira Castorena

      I'm a Full Access Jive admin for our Jive-n Cloud site. I also own our Community Help space and follow it in my inbox, so I see @mentions of the space across the community. The other day I received such a notification for an @mention that took place in a Direct Message, which surprised me; I understand being Full Access lets you manage "all" content, but shouldn't DMs still be completely private between the intended participants? I was not listed as a participant on the message and had no comment/reply box, but could still view it entirely, and could see options to Change Subject and Add People (though the latter didn't work).


      I asked a colleague of mine to test sending two DMs to another person; one with an @mention of the space, and another with an @mention of me. I only received a notification for the space. None of this seems right, can someone confirm?



      CC Jon Connelly Shawn Wilson